What Is It About Pre-Selection That You Have To Work On?

Pre-selection is a term that means women want you. They want to have sex with you. But the principle is based similar to the way that dominoes work. You know how when you push one domino and they all start to fall over?

That’s the same way pre-selection works. With dominoes, one block always follows another when it’s given a push. With pre-selection, one woman wants the man that another woman already has.

And this is not an occasional thing. This is an always factor. This is why that you’ll see short, ugly, out of shape men be able to cheat on their wives or girlfriends with a hot girl who’s willing to give it up any time of the day.

She wants this unattractive guy simply because another woman did. It’s all based on the way that rejection sets a man up for failure. Rejected men get rejected. Accepted men get accepted.

A hot woman that you’d like to have sex with notices that you’re not getting turned down by women. This opens the door for you to have sex with other women.

Don’t worry about it if you’re already in a committed relationship. Women actually desire a man even more if he’s already committed to being with someone else. There’s a good reason why pre-selection increases your chances of getting laid – and it has to do with the perception women have about men.

Men are driven by testosterone. It makes them crave sex more often than not. This drive often leads a man to have sex with random women regardless of who they are, how they met and sometimes even whether they’re pretty and in shape or fat and out of shape.

They don’t care who she is or even if she’s already with another guy. What matters to a man is that she’s willing. Women, on the other hand, want to have sex with men that don’t have a rejection rate.

The reason for this is because a man who sleeps with women, even if it’s a lot of women, is considered a good man. Mainly because he’s wanted. He’s the guy in high demand and women see that.

They figure that if others want him, then he has to be a good man. It’s crazy, but that’s the way that a woman’s brain works.

Quick arousal

While a man can go from zero to sixty in just a few seconds when they’re ready to have sex, it doesn’t work that way for a woman. You have to know the three main techniques to use that arouse a woman and make her want you like she just can’t get enough of you.

If you don’t know these techniques, you need to learn them. Because if you don’t know them, you might find that you get laid hit and miss – but you’ll miss more times than you’ll hit.

Most men have the mistaken belief that arousal for a woman starts with touch and that it begins before the physical act of sex. But women don’t turn it on like a man does.

When a woman turns him down for sex, a man thinks that either he blew his chance or the woman is just the kind who doesn’t like sex. That’s a lie that men believe.

Women like sex and most of them like it as much as a man does. What they don’t like is the clumsy, inept approach that unlearned men use. For example, did you know that for a woman, the slower the buildup, the more powerful the sex?

You might not understand the importance of this because you’ve never experienced it. So here’s the bottom line. The more aroused a woman is before you even broach the idea of her having sex with you, the greater your chances are that you’re going to get laid.

You have to start approaching her by understanding what her pleasure centers are. You have to work these before you can seal the deal. Then, when you do seal the deal, you can expect sex in a way that you’ve never experienced it before.