What To Say When You First Approach A Woman?

There really is nothing wrong with some idle daydreaming when you are trying to come up with some great conversations starters for the event or function you are about to attend.  We all have lost ourselves in our dreams at times, only to be brought out of them by the scalding hot water pouring over our hand or some other task we were involved in prior to getting lost in a dream.

What would it be to be able to walk up to a group of people and immediately know what to say and how to be comfortable?  This is the case only if everyone in the group is someone you know and are familiar with, but not always the case.  In fact, my job here is to try and prepare you for the party, function, or event you are about to attend so you can comfortably have a conversation with a certain lovely lady.

You are going to need to find different ways to get yourself lost in thought.  This means this particular combination is worthless without the previous one, so allow the two to work together for you.  Not unlike a cheesy flashback from a TV sitcom you can absolutely think and wonder what the situation you are going to find yourself in will present you with.

For example, what if the woman you want to talk to is spending all her time in one group of people.  Even with the best voice and greatest body language you are not ready to just enter the group and start talking, you need to have some great conversation starting lines ready.

In the case of a formal party, be ready to compliment the women of the group on what they are wearing, how they look, their hair, or even how nice they smell.  As far as any men in the group, the simple line of saying “you clean up nicely” works really well, if you know them, but if not, you can always compliment their suit, or watch, I would avoid smell and looks with the men as they might get the wrong idea and you may end up going home with one of them instead of a woman.

At a casual party, especially one as laid back as a backyard barbecue, how do you approach a group you don’t know that happens to include the woman you want to talk to?  You can start by saying how nice the day is, assuming the function is taking place outdoors on a sunny day.  Another such icebreaker would be to say how nice and relaxed everyone looks away from the stuffiness of work.

In either case, the formal or the casual, approaching a group with some great starting lines are going to be one of your guarantees to success, so don’t be afraid to dream a little and make a list of opening lines.    What do you do though if the woman is by herself or only with one other person such as another woman having a conversation?

When faced with the woman by herself you can walk up very casually to her and ask her what time it is using an excuse that you need to call someone a t a certain time or even just wondering what the time was.  In this case, don’t forget your voice and body language when you do this, this is the perfect opportunity to try and act as if you have to head over to someone else, take a step back and give her a special compliment about her shoes, bracelet, or dress.

If there are two women, look out, you can’t talk to one so how are you going to talk to two?  I’m kidding of course, in this case, be sure you pay some attention to each of them.  In fact if you want to play a little mind game you need to compliment the woman who you aren’t after first, by doing this you are making her special first and not your intended target.  Be careful though, this might backfire and the woman you want to spend time with might not pay any attention to you at all.

By now you should get the point you can dream up any scenario for what might take place, what the situation might be for the event and how you can and should approach differing situations.  Let your imagination run wild with this one, but make sure your write down any possible conversation starters you come up with, you can always reject the ones that seem to not work later.