Women Are Feelings First, Sex Second

There’s no wonder that when it comes to women, so many men just can’t seem to understand them. You may have experienced this barrier in the past and not even realized it.

You just chalked it up to men and women being different and moved on. But you don’t need to do that. If you can grasp the techniques to use to get you want you want.

It will help you overcome these barriers. The barriers go something like this: you’re ready to get laid and so you make your move. You think the timing is right, all systems are go – but you end up getting shut down before you even get to second base.

So what went wrong?

While you were busy thinking about how fast you could get her clothes off, she was sending you a clear signal that she was a no go and you completely missed it.

Yes, it’s hard to think straight when your sex drive is in high gear and your mind is preoccupied. But if you want to have sex with her, you have to do something first that ensures the outcome of the situation.

Remember the involuntary response we mentioned earlier? That involuntary response is attached to a woman’s switch. This switch is something that you have to turn on because it paves the way to that involuntary response.

The two work hand in hand together to get you what you want. The switch is her emotional trigger and here’s how it all ties in with you getting laid whenever you want it.

A man has a drive to be successful in every area of his life. It makes him feel like a man. It gives him self-confidence or swagger if you will. If he’s not successful in one area, he feels like a failure in all areas. It’s his wiring.

Unlike a man, a woman does not need to be or even feel successful within herself or in any area of her life in order to feel like a woman. She doesn’t link her outer success with herself the way that a man does.

But, she does need something from a man that makes her want to put out. If you don’t give her this something, you’re not going to be able to switch her trigger on and get to that involuntary response you need to trip.

This is not rocket science. It’s actually very simple and yet time and again, most men miss it. A woman has to feel secure with you or you’re not getting anywhere with her.

That’s pretty simple stuff. When a woman feels like she’s around a guy who’s safe, it makes her let down her guard. She can be vulnerable with you. This gives you access to her involuntary response.

Feeling safe around a man is what makes a woman horny. It’s what does it for her. You’ll learn about these safe triggers in dating experts trainings and you’ll see exactly how to put them in motion.

When we say safe, we’re not talking about you acting like some guy would who’s in the friend zone. This safety is referring her feeling like she can trust you enough to let you in on all her secret desires.

When a woman feels safe sexually around a man, not only are you getting laid, but you’re going to get laid in ways that will make you want to weep from the sheer satisfaction of it all.